Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
Small breasts cause a lack of self-confidence in most women. However, small breasts are not your fate, but just a problem that is quite easy to solve. Call us for detailed information and an appointment.After the mastopexy procedure, you will be able to get rid of the painful underwire bras that you wear to keep your breasts upright!

✓ Breast Tightening
✓ Breast Lift
✓ Breast Augmentation
✓ Breast Reduction
✓ Breast Asymmetry Correction

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Points to Take into Consideration After Mammoplasty:

  • Wearing The Corset After The Surgery Is Very Important To Maintain The Shape!
  • For Active Sports, It Is Definitely Necessary To Wait For 6 to 8 Weeks
  • Constantly Lying on The Bed Slows Down the Rate of Subsidence of Your Edema. You Can Take a Walk Without Tiring Yourself.
  • You Should Postpone Going to the Tanning Booth and Sunbathing Until the end of the first Postoperative Month. When Done At An Early Stage, These Activities May Cause The Incision Scars To Heal Later Leave Stains.
  • After Surgery, You Should Avoid Movements Such As Lifting Your Arms Too High, Pushing, Lifting Heavy Things, And Sudden Movements.
  • After The Operation, You Can Lie On Your Side As Long As Your Pain Allows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mammoplasty

The procedure is only intended to remove excess skin and muscle tissue. It causes no damage to the milk ducts and breast tissue. Thus, you will have no problems with breastfeeding.
Tightening is mainly a surgical operation, as it is based on the procedure that involves removing excess skin and tissue, bringing the nipple to its ideal position. It leaves an incision scar under the breast. This scar, which fades over time, is considered acceptable by most patients.
If you have sagging breasts, silicone will not make your breast more upright. Breast lift involves removing excess skin, and bringing the nipple to the ideal position.
Yes it is possible. According to the need and demand, the breast lift, breast reduction, breast tightening, and breast augmentation procedures can be performed.
These two procedures are mostly intertwined with each other. During the breast reduction process, a lifting and tightening effect occurs automatically.
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) covers the procedures intended to recover the sagging breasts, which is performed on patients who do not have a significant problem with the size of their breasts. Many factors cause sagging of the breast (breast ptosis). Patients who have lost their skin elasticity due to breastfeeding, weight loss, aging and gravity should discuss with their doctor to ascertain whether they are suitable for this procedure, based on the result of the physical examination.
With a physical examination, it should be checked whether the growth of the breast continues, and whether there is a palpable mass in the breast before the operation. If a physical examination shows suspicious finding, imaging methods (ultrasound, mammography, etc.) should definitely be used, and whether there is an additional problem should be investigated by performing additional hormone tests.
The patient’s own breast tissue alone is sometimes not adequate for the breast to get the desired shape and size. In such cases, a silicone implant placement operation is added to the breast lift operation.
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