Mommy Makeover

What is Maternity Makeover (Mommy Makeover)?

Pregnancy causes excessive weight gain and deformities in the body. Women who are afraid of not being able to lose the weight they have gained in this process suffer psychologically. It is possible to have a pre-pregnancy appearance, or even a better appearance, shortly after giving birth. With the maternity aesthetic (Mommy Makeover) process, it becomes possible for the body to recover, to get a more fit and proportional appearance.

What is done in Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover) Process?

★ Breast lift
★ Breast reduction
★ Tummy tuck
★ Arm and leg stretching
★ Breast augmentation
★ Liposuction
★ Vagina aesthetics

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Cost of a mommy makeover in Turkey

What Does Maternity Aesthetics Include?

Generally, the most deformed areas of a woman during motherhood are the breasts and abdomen. Considering the demands of the patients, we find the healthiest and most permanent method for you and plan accordingly. During the breastfeeding period, the breasts become half the normal size. After the breastfeeding process is over, we take care to give the most natural appearance for sagging breasts that have lost their volume. Abdominal muscles and tissues relax. If the patient has delivered by cesarean section, a tummy tuck can be performed from the cesarean section and the cesarean scar that he is not satisfied with can be corrected aesthetically. Trace visibility is tried to be minimized.

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    Recovery time for a mommy makeover

    • The estimated mommy recovery time varies in accordance with the type and number of surgeries that are performed, and that is typically involved in the whole procedure – breast reduction, breast lift and/or augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck.
    • Week 1 – This is the most intense period of recovery after a mommy makeover procedure. Your body will be in a state of shock, which is why you will be able to do little other than sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, and moving just enough to get your blood flowing.
    • Week 2 – This is a phase you will start noticing a difference in how you feel – sore and tender on surgical sites, but also overall tired, which is why you feel an urge to take naps constantly.
    • Week 3 – This is a recovery time after mommy makeover that some women find the most difficult. It is a time when the healing has slowed down, but you’re still feeling exhausted. Other women can feel more energized but still frustrated with the overall progress.
    • Week 4 – During this period of mommy makeover post-op, the swelling should be down, and you should start feeling more energized.
    • Week 5 and 6 – Once you hit week 5, you will start feeling immense improvement and changes. At this point, you can resume your regular exercise, but at a moderate intensity. The swelling should recede and the incisions must be closed.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeover

    Of course. The person can have a child again if they want. For the permanence of the procedure, women who do not want to have children later can get more precise and more permanent results when they have the procedure. Because when the patient wants a child again, slight sagging and loosening will occur in her body as she will experience the same pregnancy processes again, but her body will not be deformed as much as the first pregnancy process.
    All these procedures can be done at the same time in maternity aesthetics. Different surgical processes can be planned according to the patient’s condition and demands. Since there are rest and control processes in some surgeries and operations, your procedures can be performed in the best and shortest time period. Performing the transaction processes at different times allows you to rest and not to fall behind from your social life.Recovery varies from person to person.If more than one procedure is done at the same time, the time the patient will need for recovery will be longer. For this reason, recovery time varies from person to person and according to the procedure.
    As in any surgery, there will be incision scars in breast surgery. These scars are closed with a bikini or bra. In time, the color of these scars will lighten and will be the same as your skin color. Therefore, you should not have any doubts about the traces.
    Breast reduction surgery does not affect breastfeeding. It does not shorten its duration. Breastfeeding restriction may rarely occur as a result of the techniques applied during surgery in patients with large breasts, which are the exceptions.
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    Mommy Makeover Surgery In Turkey

    Giving birth may cause some distortions on women body. Mommy makeover is an operation that aims to give the body shape that a woman had before child birth back. Mommy makeover can include surgeries like breast implants, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Turkey, for mommy makeover operations, has the cheapest alternatives. When you research, you will find out that mommy makeover surgery in Turkey is cheaper than any other European country.

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